The ‘greedy’ couple who ordered T-bone steaks and racked up huge bills in a shocking ‘dine and dash’ spree

A married couple who racked up huge restaurant bills before leaving without paying in a shocking ‘dine and dash’ spree have been jailed

Bernard McDonagh, 41, and Ann McDonagh, 39, both from Sandfields, Port Talbot, ordered three-course meals for themselves and their family, including T-bone steaks and desserts, some of which were returned uneaten.

Swansea Crown Court heard the pair, using more than 40 aliases and 18 dates of birth, dishonestly obtained food and drink from four restaurants and a takeaway in the South Wales region, totaling £1,168.10 in unpaid bills.

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The couple, who pleaded guilty to five joint fraud charges, were arrested after footage of their scam was posted on social media.

Ann McDonagh, 39, and Bernard McDonagh, 41, arrive at Swansea Magistrates’ Court(Image: John Myers)

Ann McDonagh also admitted four counts of shoplifting, including at designer store Tommy Hilfiger, taking items worth £1,017.60.

Judge Paul Thomas sentenced Ann McDonagh to 12 months in prison and Bernard McDonagh to eight months, telling them their actions could have been motivated by “pure and utter greed”.

He said to them, “From the fall of last year to the spring of this year, the two of you deliberately embarked on a course of continued dishonesty.

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