Former mayor says Truro is in a ‘very serious situation’ caused by Cornwall Council

A former mayor of Truro has said the city is in a “very serious situation” caused by Cornwall Council. Bert Biscoe is urging the local authority to put in place a mitigation plan to support Truro following a number of highly publicized measures which he says have created “brand negative messages”.

Mr Biscoe, Truro councilor and former Cornwall councilor, has written to current Truro Mayor Carol Swain asking him to write “in the strongest possible terms” to Cornwall Council leader Cllr Linda Taylor and its CEO Kate. Kennally to ask for support and “defend our economy and those who trade and work in it.”

His strong words come after the upper decks of the Cornwall Council-run multi-storey Moorfield car park were closed this week, alongside a £31.50 fine for anyone parking in the Old Bridge Street short-term car park for more than three hours residence of the municipality. in addition to the council’s decision to lease half of the parking spaces in the Fairmantle Street coach park to its own bus company. This has reduced the city’s capacity to adequately accommodate holiday buses and created the risk that thousands of passengers who spent money in Truro will now go elsewhere.

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“We now find ourselves in a very serious situation, with costs rising for traders in city centers, the impact of inflation on the cost of living continuing to depress consumer spending, and the messages to our customers and investors becoming increasingly negative and unwelcome.” , said Mr Koekje.

On the closure of the car park, he said: “It has been recognized for some time that the structural condition of the multi-storey Moorfield complex requires careful management.”

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