Could a cannabis farm be a costly odor of trouble in the Sussexes’ $14.5 million Montecito mansion?

He’s blessed with a $14.5 million Tuscan-style mansion with seven bedrooms, thirteen and a half bathrooms, library, movie theater, gym, pool and chicken coop – not to mention two wonderful children and an enchanting wife who longs for you to taste her jam.

But Prince Harry, and indeed his entire neighborhood, may now be in desperate need of a “scrubbing machine” – or several of them – as I will explain.

That’s the verdict of those who struggle with a “skunk-like” odor, a “jaw-clenching stench” and a “wicked stench.”

The reason for this is the cannabis that is now legally grown in California – including on the farm where Meghan and a fifty-strong team will film much of her upcoming cooking series for Netflix.

The farm, located just ten minutes from the Sussexes’ Montecito residence, is one of many farms where traditional crops – such as grapes and avocados – have given way to cannabis, grown on an ‘industrial scale’.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (pictured in Nigeria as part of the Invictus Games anniversary celebrations) have a cannabis farm just ten minutes from the Sussexes Montecito residence
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spent $14.7 million on a Tuscan-style mansion in Montecito, California

The aromatic effects have unfortunately been overwhelming to unsuspecting residents, prompting one to comment that he was ‘thinking something’. [had] died in the cellar”—until he remembered he had no cellar.

Convinced that the noxious odor was caused by rodents, he called in pest control. ‘The gentleman came by and installed a trap. We waited…and waited.”

Nothing was stuck. Realizing that the air itself was contaminated, the homeowner helped file a lawsuit against two farms — not the one where Meghan will be filming — whose production was said to be particularly dirty.

This is where scrubbers can apparently come to the rescue. A scrubber is the name for a filtering machine that is said to be able to rid the air of 84 percent of the nasty cannabis smell. But it comes at a price: $22,000 or £17,000 each. That’s not all: ten are needed per hectare if they are to be effective.

It’s enough to get the farmers to use some of their own product – a product that Harry said in his memoir Spare ‘had help’.[ed]’ him, giving him ‘a feeling of relaxation, relief, comfort…’

I hear it’s greener pastures for Idris Elba, who’s just returned from a trip to Ibiza where he DJ’d for stars like models Amy Jackson and Leomie Anderson (pictured right), at Gray Goose’s launch party for their new vodka, Altius.

For the Luther star, whose net worth is estimated at £40million, is turning his attention to the stranger venture of gardening, I can now reveal.

Newly filed documents reveal that Elba, 51, is launching his own range of fertilizers and will trade as Growing Media – with products in the range including peat moss, bark, rice husks and wood fibres. Alan Titchmarsh, watch out.

Idris Elba (pictured in April 2024) is launching his own range of fertilizers and will trade as Growing Media

It certainly wasn’t hard to spot dancing queen Rosamund Pike at Abba Voyage’s second anniversary celebration this week.

The 45-year-old Saltburn star was spotted in a 1970s sequined jumpsuit at the Abba Arena in east London, wearing avatars of the legendary Swedish pop band. But Abba star Bjorn Ulvaeus was fascinated by something else.

“It’s very difficult emotionally to understand that we wrote these little songs and it gave rise to this,” he said. “I have no idea what it really is that makes people want to listen to music that’s been made [over] 30 years ago.’

While Princess Beatrice was a frequent guest at the Monaco Grand Prix, Dara Huang – the mother of her stepson ‘Wolfie’ – has only just made her debut in racing.

“My first Monaco Grand Prix and it was just as exciting as I expected,” the architect wrote alongside this selfie she shared online.

‘I have met inspiring people surrounding this incredible sport.’

Ms Huang, 41, who was previously engaged to Beatrice’s husband, property developer Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, was born and raised in America.

She recently opened up about co-parenting with the King’s niece, saying: ‘Wolfie has had two parents on both sides trying to help him, and I think the more the better. I feel lucky to have such positive people around him, who really embrace him. It didn’t have to be that easy.’

As Cannes Film Festival security guards come under scrutiny after appearing to clash with high-profile stars, fashionista Victoria Magrath has relived her own ‘brutal’ nightmares from the famous French steps.

“I was yelled at, pushed, ushered, ushered and ushered countless times until I had to give up smiling for one photo,” she writes of the city’s Palais des Festivals steps.

“I hope the response they’ve gotten this year will soften them up a bit.”

Victoria Magrath (pictured) has relived her own ‘brutal’ nightmares from the famous French steps of the Cannes Film Festival

Former Bond girl Marilyn Galsworthy – who was plunged into a shark tank in The Spy Who Loved Me – is on the road to recovery after falling into a coma earlier this month.

Galsworthy’s model daughter Jasmine Lennard says she has been left ‘completely traumatised’ and ‘exhausted’ by the experience. Although the cause of the actress’s coma has not been revealed, it is believed that she has since woken up and is recovering with her daughter by her side.

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