12 groundbreaking clues you haven’t tried before

The possibilities of ChatGPT are expanding. Attention ambitious entrepreneurs. Last week, OpenAI announced it was launching ChatGPT 4o (“o” for “omni”), its “new flagship model that can reason over audio, vision and text in real time.” Faster, cheaper and more comprehensive, this update can boost business leaders’ workflows for record results in half the time.

Try these features yourself and see which ones make a difference for your business. Please note, you will need the paid version of ChatGPT to try everything here.

Renewed ChatGPT: new functionalities to experiment with in your company

Transform images

Upload an image and ask ChatGPT 4o to create variations, such as turning it into a cartoon, sketch, or other artistic style.

“Change this image into one [describe style, e.g., cartoon, sketch]. The version version should look like this [describe the new version of the image, to add further direction.]”

Create infographics

Upload an image with data or sketches and ask ChatGPT 4o to help you create a professional infographic.

“Create an infographic from the data in this image. Use the hex colors [include your brand colours]”

Create custom fonts

Building a design-driven business is easier than ever. During your normal day, if you see a font you like, take a photo and upload it to ChatGPT 4o. Request a font and a file will be generated that you can use for your documents.

“Change the text in this image to a custom font that I can download and use in my business documentation.”

Analyze facial expressions

Don’t use images on your website without being absolutely clear what expressions mean. Make sure the people representing your brand convey the emotions you want to match with your brand. Upload images from your website or headshots from social media and get a report.

“Analyze the facial expressions in this image and make a report on the emotions conveyed.”

Improve your website

Take a screenshot of your website’s homepage and upload it to ChatGPT 4o using the following prompt.

“This is the homepage of my website. My target group is [describe target audience] and I want people to take action [describe goal of website]. Make optimization suggestions based on this.”

Transcribe handwriting

Upload a photo of handwritten notes and ChatGPT 4o will convert them into editable text, making them easier to organize and share.

“Transcribe this handwritten note into editable text and display it with bullets and numbers. Free up paragraphs.”

Learn from influencers

Upload screenshots of social media posts, along with their comments. Ask the new ChatGPT to analyze the results and recommend how you can emulate their success.

“These are some screenshots of social media posts and comments from [describe original poster.] Analyze why this post was successful, what people liked and didn’t like, and suggest how I emulate their success when posting about my business [describe your business].

Boost your sales team

Make sure your sales team scores a record on (the desktop app or mobile app version of) ChatGPT at the start of their next sales meeting. Ask ChatGPT 4o to listen to the conversation, detect emotions on both parties and make suggestions to improve their approach.

“I’m going to record my next sales call. After I’m done, analyze the conversation to see where I could have done better. Add an emotion analysis, make suggestions on how I can be clearer, and discover insights that will help me improve next time. [press record and hold the meeting].”

Enhance your images

Upload a product image and request lighting improvements, removing the background or adding visual effects to make it more attractive.

“Improve this product image with [describe your changes, for example improving the lighting, removing the background, and adding visual effects.]”

Caption images for social media

Upload a photo and ask ChatGPT 4o to generate captions, hashtags, and design element suggestions to increase engagement.

“Generate a caption, hashtags, and design suggestions for this image to increase social media engagement. The purpose of the captions is to [describe the goal of the post] for an audience of [describe your audience].”

Get feedback on your marketing

Upload your current flyers, brochures or posters and ask for feedback and recommendations on how to improve the design and messaging.

“Provide feedback and recommendations to improve the design and message of this marketing material. Before your analysis, ask clarifying questions about the purpose of the marketing and the intended audience.

Upgrade your brand assets

Upload your logo and brand assets and ask for suggestions on how to improve brand identity and visual appeal.

“Suggest ways to enhance the brand identity and visual appeal of these branded materials. Before your analysis, ask clarifying questions about the desired positioning of the brand and the intended target group, as well as my opinion on what can be improved.”

Discover advanced features of ChatGPT 4o for business growth

Moving with the times means exploring the functionality of existing tools to see which ones work for your business. Set aside some space to experiment on your own, or share it with your team and give them a chance to learn. Improve your brand, sales, website and meetings. Receive subtitles, feedback and new ideas. Get the most out of your ChatGPT subscription and grow your business in record time.

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